They have a can-do attitude, are very responsive, and feel like an extension of our marketing department. Thanks to their expertise, our accounts are seeing record numbers of impressions and engagements.



Influencer Marketing Made Simple

What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing is an interesting form of marketing because it’s very subtle. Forbes calls influencer marketing “the gray territory between an official testimonial and a subtle product mention.”

Today, influencer marketing is a common practice, but you might not necessarily know it when you see it. The value of influencer marketing is that you almost don’t know it’s happening. It provides an intimate glimpse into the life or preferences of the influencer. People viewing these updates think to themselves, “Wow, now I know what he drinks! I’m going to drink that, too.” or “That’s how she stays in such great shape!” Then they go out and buy the product.

To us, a social media influencer is someone that has over 10k followers, posts relevant professional content, and has a dedicated follower base that trusts them and is engaged.

Influencers are really great at two things: Introducing you to people (your target market!) that might not have ever heard of you and developing some pretty beautiful content of your product or service in real-life situations.

A social media influencer campaign consists of building a strategy to define why we want influencers, who our perfect influencer is, define the process for securing influencers, and what we want them to say and not say. Onboarding is really important as we lay out the roadmap for the engagement. This is a partnership and this step ensures were on the same page and expectations are properly set. Once we have the strategy in place, we kick off the campaign!

When done correctly, influencer marketing can be a major boon for brands in all industries, so it’s well worth exploring.


Identify the brand’s strengths and optimal positioning within the space


Establish a consistent language and a set of assets that reflects the brand’s core communication channel with its audience


Identifying the brand’s top products and biggest drivers, while strategically adjusting campaigns to lean into what’s working


Once a good campaign rhythm is established, develop a strategy that encompasses scalable and sustainable growth with minimal input and maximum automation


Build an online-centric approach that ensures a strong web presence for your brand and establishes your digital voice as a leader in the industry


Conduct regular site audits that adjust and grow with the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, to ensure the brand is maintaining a competitive edge.


No strategy is effective without a properly drawn up plan, and no plan can take shape without some initial analysis. In order to provide effective consultation, we must first understand everything we are working with. As clients first start with us, we spend a bit of time understanding the current state, goals, accomplishments, failures, and everything in between about their business so that we can avoid crossing over the same paths that did not once work.


Once we understand you a bit better, we then actually form plans. These are not just treasure maps with dotted lines drawn toward an X – they are milestone driven, data centric, and results oriented plans that are broken by monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual stretches, entirely dependent on what works best for you to grow your business. 


Plans are also more than just a set of directions; they are also a dialog. We review our strategies with you to ensure that they align with your own growth strategies. Most importantly, we want to make sure they ultimately compliment your own efforts, and we can implement ways that compound your growth into the internet sphere.


While we are good at what we do (and certainly make great plans), there’s always room for improvement and optimization. With each check in, milestone, or deadline, we assess the effectiveness of these strategies and remain open and active to change wherever needed. The best strategies are often those that adapt to their environments, and we are not shy of those changes coming our way. 






When you’ve entered a space where it seems like almost anyone can create a similar product, you really need to find an edge. Nomad takes that bet and raises the industry another with their mobile accessories products, promoting both a company’s promise as well as a lifestyle. BRIAN Marketing, having come from a similar upbringing, understood that clearly and created a strategy and spoke that very language.

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