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Brian Marketing Group is a leading digital online yacht marketing agency near Palm Beach based in Jupiter, Florida. BRIAN offers a wide range of online solutions.


To sell a yacht you need a great marketing strategy beyond the norm.  Brian Marketing Group’s marketing team uses both traditional and innovative digital marketing strategies to drive your yacht sales marketing leads front and center. Our services in marketing technologies, website optimization, paid search and social media management contributes to attracting qualified buyers.

Our internet marketing agency is focused on offering local and national Social Media, Paid Search Marketing (Google Adwords), Web Development, Brand Management, Photography, and Video Production, Graphic Design, Email/SMS/Retargeting, and Customer Relationship Management platform design.

We help clients of all sizes meet their full potential online, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations.


Brian Marketing Group is a leading Palm Beach digital marketing yacht brokers marketing agency based in Jupiter, Florida, that offers a wide range of online solutions.

We help clients of all sizes meet their full potential online, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Do you want to promote your business through digital marketing?


An experienced photographer and videographer will capture the best features of your vessel. The footage will be professionally edited and will appear in customized marketing campaigns to be seen by a global audience.
Selling yachts without the right marketing strategies in place is like trying to sail a boat without enough wind in your sails. With most customers doing searches and research online before they buy a product or service, it has become essential for a yacht broker to have an effective online presence and marketing strategy for attracting customers.


This includes elements such as doing search engine optimization (SEO) for your website to optimize it for searches, implementing advertising campaigns, email marketing, a blog, and a social media presence. In this article, we cover these marketing strategies for yacht brokers and explain how they can help you to get more traffic and sales for your boating business. The goal of doing search engine optimization (SEO) for your business is to increase organic traffic from search engine results to your web pages. Doing this includes enhancing your web pages so that they will be more likely to be found by your target audience when they put in keywords to do searches on search engine sites such as Google.

Optimizing your pages includes adding keywords to your site pages that your audience is likely to search for when looking for your products or services. Writing good content for your site that is targeted to your audience and location can also help with your lead generation. SEO can also be done on your YouTube videos to help them stand out on YouTube.

As a result of doing SEO, you can also increase your brand awareness and authority in the boating industry. To boost your visibility further, we can also help you to implement strategies such as submitting your website to directories.  

What about enriching the value of your brand? Digital marketing helps you reach your brand to a wider audience than traditional marketing methods can. Therefore, It is also more profitable than traditional advertising. Comparatively, contact us if you are still confused about the benefits of digital marketing. BRIAN, the best Wellington digital marketing company, can address all of your needs.


PPC Yacht Brokers

Pay-per-click advertising is a great addition to your yacht broker marketing strategy and is a good complement to your SEO efforts. Unlike SEO, which can take weeks to get results, pay-per-click advertising through platforms such as Google and Bing can get you immediate results.

With PPC advertising, the goal is to drive traffic to your site with advertising. You pay when someone clicks on your ad. You choose keywords to use for your ads that people may search for. If you are doing Google ads, for example, when someone does a search on Google that is related to a keyword you chose to use, then your ad may be displayed.

By capturing information about visitors that take interest in your advertisements, we can also re-market to them to keep you top of mind.


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Through the years, Brian Marketing Group has established itself as the go-to digital yacht brokers marketing agency for Palm Beach and South Florida. We build custom platforms for businesses across different industries – in addition to the rest of the United States. Our clients rely on our expertise, extensive experience, and industry know-how to drive their traffic, leads, and sales. Similarly, as a full-service Florida digital marketing company, we can handle your business marketing needs. From building a modern website to creating comprehensive digital campaigns, it’s important to realize our potential for you.

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